Crafts / Nativity Sets

The Crafts Gallery consists of Art Dolls, Nativity Sets, Embellished Boxes and some Jewelry

Crafts / Misc.

Silk Paintings, stitched items

Crafts / Boxes

Boxes, painted and embellished.

Crafts / Dolls

These are Art Dolls and are not meant to be children's toys. Some come with stories.

Mildred and Sam

Mildred   sam details 2 web
Award Winner

"Mildred and Sam are in their early seventies and have been married for over fifty years. They only had one daughter who died in a car accident when she was only twenty eight. There are no grandchildren. After the accident, Mildred’s sole purpose was to take care of every need that Sam envisioned for himself. He would not allow her to take a job; supervised her activities and friendships and generally expected her to obey him at every turn. Meanwhile, Sam had several affairs (which he flaunted shamelessly) and stayed out late drinking and gambling. Yet Mildred still stood by her man. On a particularly stormy Sunday, as she cleaned Sam’s den, she found his laptop open and running. He had was connected to one of several porn sites that he enjoyed all the while Mildred was cooking, cleaning, mowing the lawn and repairing odds and ends around the house. Sam is not handy with tools; only with trashy women. Mildred’s curiosity was aroused when she saw the outfits that some of the women on the site wore. Some made her gasp; but she also wondered how it would feel to dress like that. On a daring whim she ordered a black leather Dominatrix outfit. It cost a small fortune; especially the boots. The outfit arrived a few days later. That following Saturday was bright and cheery and, as usual, Mildred had been up since daybreak to make the house as spotless as Sam demanded it. Sam was sleeping off a hangover. At around 9 AM, he screamed at her from the bedroom. He wanted his breakfast “right now” and he wanted to eat it in bed. Mildred’s eyes narrowed. Something snapped. She prepared his breakfast and served it to him with a heavy sprinkling of sleeping pills added to the meal. Sam fell asleep before he finished his eggs. Then Mildred dressed herself in the new outfit. She brought a rope into the house from the garage and hog tied Sam as he snored away. Sam awoke screaming. Mildred just turned up her favorite AC/DC song and kept on cleaning.
Things will never be the same in Sam’s crystal palace."

(copyright Edie Schneider 2014)

Crafts / Jewelry

Assorted Handmade jewelry made with Gemstones, Beads, Polymer clay, etc.