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Art is my life; my passion and an important part of my life. In fact, as far back as I can remember, I loved creating and I am also blessed with an imagination that knows no bounds. Over the years I tried almost all types of mediums (Ceramics, Silk Painting, Doll making, etc.) and became proficient in most of them; winning some awards along the way. I have shown my work in solo and group shows both in Colorado and California. My art education began in public school and in 1970, I graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art. In the following years I enhanced my abilities by attending workshops by such artists as Elaine Harvey, Linda Doll, Barbara Nechis, Pat Deadman and Doug Walton; just to name a few.
Miscellaneous art related work experience includes eighteen years as an illustrator for National and International Rubber Stamp companies; four years as an Art Director and eleven years as a graphic artist. I also spent several years creating costume jewelry and craft items, of all sorts, which I sold at craft shows. Some are currently still available on my website. Currently, I am revisiting my love of Watercolors, which I hope you will enjoy viewing.