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       Watercolor Paintings

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I love painting abstracts.
The "happy" accidents that happen and the way shapes and colors play against one another is very exciting to me.


Landscapes are not my favorite subjects. But I did paint rocks for a while and must have painted 20 or 30 paintings. Those were fun to do.


In this section you will find a variety of creatures, all the way from butterflies to fish.


I have always enjoyed people's faces and capturing an emotion that translates to the viewer. This section has a few more paintings that need to be added. Be sure to come back again


Seeing this section you will understand that I just adore cats. Big, spoiled babies, perfect subjects for drawing and painting. A lot of these are of my cats, but I have painted other people's too.


Living right by the ocean gives me an endless subject matter for paintings. Now if I can only find more time to paint.

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In painting florals I try to create paintings that are stimulating to look at. I hope you like the group
in this section.
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California Missions
Several years ago I got the adventurous spirit and travelled to some of the California  missions. They all have a personality of their own and each trip left a special memory in my heart.

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