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My first memory of art was at the age of four when I made crepe paper flowers with my maternal Grandmother. She made bouquets for wedding parties in a tiny rural community of Austria where I was born. Later when my parents moved to Vienna I spent many solitary hours playing with scraps of wood and cloth. Although there were no fancy toys to play with, these simple objects wound up forming the artistic spirit within me. My imagination was stretched and honed to what later in life made me the artist that I now am.

When I attended grade school my drawings made it to the head of the class on a regular basis. Once we moved to the United States, I delved into making figures out of modeling clay for my third grade “show and tell.” I vividly remember making tiny Disney characters out of modeling clay. Because any small amount of heat made them sag, I stored them in the freezer compartment of our little apartment’s refrigerator. The compartment was about the size of a shoe box and I am still amazed to this day that my Mom allowed it. Understandably, when I started Junior High School, Art was still one of the subjects I enjoyed the most. Later in High School my majors were split between Art and Business Education. Once I graduated and found that my parents had absolutely no interest in furthering my education by sending me to college or a trade school, I went to work. Their feeling was that women were meant to get pregnant and married and that education was wasted girls. It was in High School that I was first introduced to working with Ceramic Clay. Little did I know that this would become a major obsession in years to come.

After High School, being a clerical drone did not appeal to me and to my parents’ dismay I quit a dead end job at an Insurance Company and put myself through art school by working nights and attending Art school during the day. My parents felt that Art was too much of a frivolous career to venture into. Why couldn’t I take up accounting or get married and have a bundle of kids? But instead, I completed my courses at the Colorado Institute of Art, feeling proud to have done this on my own. Although, the education at the Institute leaned toward Graphics, we were able to explore all sorts of mediums and were given a weekly figure drawing; all of which helped me as a fine artist.

My parents were right about one thing…Art was a difficult career to break into. But accounting would have led me to suicide. For several years I flip flopped back and forth from jobs in the business world; even worked at local and federal government jobs, but always returned to positions in the graphic field. Even in the non-art jobs I held, my graphics education came into use time and time again. I amazed even myself when I recently figured out that I have been a professional artist for more than forty years.

There were times when I felt that I was more of a technician rather than a real artist. I love challenges and began painting oils that looked like watercolors and watercolors that looked like oils. When someone made a statement that some kind of technique could not be done, I set out to prove to myself that they were wrong and succeeded many times.

Several years ago that clay addiction came back to the surface. I started with Polymer clays and loved making jewelry and Nativity sets with them. Later I ventured back into the real thing; Ceramic Clay.  I swear, once you touch the clay you are doomed to forever want the feel of it on your fingertips. And it got worse. Just recently I started using Porcelain Clay and carved into it. I am hopelessly addicted now, not only to clay but also the carving process.

As you can see by my website my ventures into all the different mediums has been fun for me. I am forever grateful to a school system that years ago allowed me the opportunity to become an artist instead of pushing me into a sport slot where I would have failed miserably. I may not be an artist with great fame or wealth but I feel successful in the fact that I have enriched people’s lives with my work through illustrations, rubber stamp designs, paintings, sculpture, jewelry, ceramics and even some teaching. Since I am an award winning artist whose work is in private collections all over the world I can't say that I've done badly.

I have had several one artist shows in Colorado and after moving to California, also exhibited in shows with other artists. I have sold more works than I can recall; even won some awards and acclaims. It has been a GREAT ride so far. Click here to see my Fine Art Resume.

In spite of my parents, I never married and live happily single with occasional dalliances into  romances with some silly men. Singleness allows me to nurture my muses as they drive me on to create. I also opted for cats instead of real children. They gave me a great deal of joy and became models for many of my paintings. Click her to see the "children".


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